Semeru Trekking Bromo Ijen Crater Tour 5 days

Taking Semeru Trekking Bromo Ijen Tour would like to be a good inspiration for you who want to climb the trekking mountain and adventure. Mount Bromo with its magnificent views and beautiful sunrise is located in the Tengger National Yard, opposite Mount Semeru with a beautiful lake and the extraordinary Ijen Crater located in Banyuwangi, both located in East Java. Let’s visit them all.

Recognize the route for Climbing Semeru, Bromo and Ijen Crater

The best tour packages are packages that give you 5 days and 4 nights touring, so you have enough time to enjoy each place and have time to relax. Usually, touring starts from 2 different places that you can choose, from Surabaya or from Malang. From Malang or Surabaya, you are generally taken to the Tumpang Regency to stay overnight. It’s actually still in the Malang area, where you can enjoy your time exploring Malang.

And after that, you want to start the expedition to Semeru early because it is located in Banyuwangi, 2 hours from Malang, and has easy access to Bromo. The adventure generally begins after you are dropped at a Ranu Pane hotel, the last hotel before you start trekking Semeru and finish at Ranu Kumbolo lake. You want to spend one night at the camp. And after that you can continue your expedition the next day to Mount Penanjakan, Bromo to enjoy the sunrise from the peak of Bromo.

Or, another route would take you to Bromo from Malang or Surabaya. In contrast, in Bromo you want to stay in a hotel in Cemoro Lawang where you can start your expedition to Mount Bromo to enjoy the sunrise. After that, you can also carry out an expedition down the mountain to the Bromo caldera. And after that, you can continue the expedition to the Ijen Crater. This is an extraordinary volcano and the environment with blue fire at night and natural foggy white panorama during the day. Taking Semeru Trekking Bromo Ijen Crater Tour would like to give you enough time to enjoy your adventure.

Get ready to carry out the Trekking Tour Package

Means for you to always be ready to experience this great adventure. Early on, you must be adventurous when the right time in the dry season. The best time is between June and August where you don’t need to worry about rainy days or the large humidity levels. Second, make sure you are in your best condition and expect the unexpected. It takes time to take you to the hospital if something bad happens. Bring your own medicine and first aid kit. Don’t less remember to wear clothes and footwear that are suitable for adventure in the mountains.

Detailing Semeru Expedition Agenda Trekking Ijen Bromo Crater Tour Package

  • Early times: Surabaya to Semeru

Meeting point from Surabaya matches the promised time, after that transfer to Ranu Pane Semeru for staying overnight at home stay, after dinner You can rest to prepare for the trekking tour tomorrow

  • The second time was Ranu Pane, Ranu Kumbolo Kalimati base camp

Breakfast and then trekk for 4 hours to Ranu Kumbolo, take a break and rest, after that continue to Kali dead with 3 hours of expedition. In conclusion, staying overnight at the camp in Kali died with our guide.

  • The third is the Semeru Summit to the Bromo Hotel.

Breakfast at 00.00 after that expedition to the peak of Mahamaru with 5 hours trekking, enjoy the panorama from this peak, after being satisfied with Semeru then returning to Kali Mati, to Ranu Pane. After this, Jeep wants to pick you up to transfer to Bromo. In conclusion, check in hotel near Bromo and rest.

  • The fourth day is Bromo Ijen Tour Package.

Wake up in the morning at 3:00 until you want to be taken by Jeep to Mount Penanjakan view point 1 for viewing the Bromo sunrise tourist panorama, after that for viewing the active volcano Bromo / Bromo Crater, back to the hotel, breakfast and transfer to Ijen Crater with 5 hour expedition. Finally, a break at a hotel near Ijen.

  • The last day is Ijen Crater Surabaya Crater

Blue Ijen starting from midnight from the hotel to the last post is Paltuding after that the expedition leads to the summit of Mount Ijen with a 2 hour expedition. After enjoying the blue fire and the crater after that transfer to Surabaya to end the Semeru Trekking Bromo Ijen Crater Tour 5 days 4 nights program.

Price of Mount Semeru Crater Bromo Ijen Trekking Crater

  • 2 people IDR. 7. 450,000
  • 3 People IDR. 6. 100,000
  • 4 people IDR. 5. 150,000
  • 5 people IDR. 4. 750,000

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